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2020 Indiana Residential Building Code has been amended

The 2020 Residential Building Code when into effect January 1, 2020.  It includes numerous changes pertaining to new residential construction.  Fore more information, please contact our office, or visit


The Town of Burns Harbor Building Department oversees the enforcement of the Indiana Building Code, Burns Harbor Town Code, and other applicable regulations in order to promote public safety, protect life, health, property and the welfare of the public. The department is responsible for issuing building permits, performing inspections for construction and remodeling projects, and also oversees business and contractor registrations.

 Building Permits

The Town of Burns Harbor requires a building/improvement location permit for all construction projects, or building improvements, repairs, restorations that cost over $1,000.00.

Sec. 4-7.

  1.   A permit shall be required for beginning construction on any building or structure or for the    restoration or repair of any building or structure if the cost of the construction, repair or          restoration exceeds $1,000.00. A permit shall be required prior to the erection of any fence    or prior to the construction, restoration or repair of any deck, or shed, regardless of the          cost of such construction, restoration or repair. (Ordinance 230-2009)

Any resident or contractor found working without a permit may be issued a Stop Work Order.