Scholarship Board

  1. Scholarship Info
The Burns Harbor Scholarship Fund was created in 2000 at the direction of the Burns Harbor Town Council, whose members included: Gordon McCormick, Clifford Keppen, Richard Bolinger, Robert Poparad and Myrtle Zehner. The Town Clerk-Treasurer was Esther Nickell. The Scholarship Fund founding Board of Directors in 2000 were: Richard Friday, Kurt Jordan, Terry Swanson, Keith Saulsgiver and Mike Perrine.

The Scholarship fund is an Indiana not-for-profit corporation administered by a Board of Directors. The Directors are all volunteers and receive no salary. Monies received by the Town of Burns Harbor from a property lease agreement are placed in the Scholarship Fund and used to award educational grants to qualified residents of Burns Harbor. The first scholarships were awarded in 2000.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors are appointed to a four-year term. The Board of Directors controls and manages the affairs of the Corporation. 

The purpose of the Board is to promote improvement of education and to develop, organize and operate activities beneficial to the furtherance of education as well as to provide educational financial assistance to eligible and qualified residents of Burns Harbor. 

  • Kurt Jordan, Secretary
  • Jennifer Barnes
  • Phyllis Constantine
  • Kathy Wilson
  • Angie Scott